Pistols Edit

Kruger Pistol Edit

"Light and compact, the Kruger is an excellent accessory for any German disguise. She's doesn't pack much punch, so make sure you aim for the head."

Silenced Pistol Edit

"Signature weapon of the english assassins. Perfect for a silent headshot on a snoozing kraut sentry."

Raum Pistol Edit

"The big dog of German pistols - bark as loud as hell and bite to match. Unlike the Kruger Pistol, there's no need to go for the headshot."

.44 Pistol Edit

"One round from this Yankee cannon'll turn a Krauts insides into shepard's pie. Just watch your ammo, cause' she's a bitch to reload."

Machine Guns Edit

Tommy MG

Cost: 1200 contraband.

Shotguns/Rifles Edit

Special Weapons Edit

Stegfaust Mk2 Edit

"This boomstick'll take down a guard tower or stop an armored car in it's tracks. You've only got a few shots, so make em' count."

Cost: 1500 contraband.

Upgrades Edit

Spray 'n' Pray Edit

Increase Machinegun capacity

"In a firefight, the winner is typically the guy who puts more lead into the air."

New Sheriff Edit

Increase Pistol capacity

Cost: 100 contraband.

"It's hard to reload when you're smokin' a cigarette with your free hand."

Longshot Edit

Increase Rifle capacity

"One shot, one kill is a nice idea, but it helps to have plenty of second and third chances."

Helping Hand Edit

Upgrades Resistance Health Lv1

Cost: 100 contraband.

"Time to bite the bullet, lads. This is a war, not a pub crawl."

Trusted Allies Edit

Cost: 500 contraband.

"If the first shot dosen't kill ya, the second one probably won't either."