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Tbridgemohan677 Tbridgemohan677 27 May 2017

The best game ever

Guys I would just like to say that this is the best game I ever played in my life. If you're a person into storyline, open world games then this game is spot on for you. It took me just over a month to complete this game and I must say I enjoyed every mission. No mission is similar to each other. Very good work to the procedures and looking forward to a next version.

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UnknownToaster UnknownToaster 21 January 2015

UnknownToaster - The new Saboteur Wiki Admin

Hey everyone, I'm UnknownToaster. I'm a contributor here at The Saboteur Wiki and a game enthusiast, but most importantly, a huge fan of The Saboteur. When I came to this Wiki, there were no active admins or users, and I felt heavily that this is something that could be changed. I have gone through the Wiki Adoption process and become the Wiki's new admin in hopes to clean up this Wiki, add much more new content, update and expand on what's already here, help build a community, and my most crucial goal, to make information on this game available to those who need it.

Anyone reading this post is likely a Saboteur fan, and seen or played it at least once. What this means to me is that you most likely know something about this great game. I am o…

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UnknownToaster UnknownToaster 8 January 2015

Adoption of the Saboteur Wiki

Hello, everyone!

I'm UnknownToaster and been editing this Wiki as of lately and seen that the Wiki is in a bit of a mess currently. There are many duplicate pages varying in quality that need to be combined, many stub pages for major mechanics and characters, and overall a need for more and better content.

I have been updating the Wiki and plan to do so for as long as I can. As of currently, neither of the Wiki's administrators have made any edits since 2012, and I feel this Wiki needs an administrator. As a major fan of the game with much interest in updating this Wiki and expanding the community, I think I make for a good candidate for Adoption of this Wiki.

As part of the process, it's important that I alert any members left on this Wiki o…

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RockstarGamesHD RockstarGamesHD 20 May 2011


"RGHD" Contact(Allways tell who you are or from where u get me):


Facebook: Marklez White

Steam: MarklezWhite

I am dont make my mood bad.

I know alot about u can ask.

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Atomichunter Atomichunter 26 September 2010

ideas for sabateur 2(if they had it)

heres some of my ideas for sabteur 2(if they had it)

location:japan or italy

weapons:same weapons from the previous game just without th terror would also include american weapons,italian weapons,snd japenies weapons

gameplay:a little bit diffrent from sabateur,its not one big ol city with enemies ocuping it,there would be bases(american and japenese or italin),there would be cities that you can go into(you must a disguese thou,same with japenese or italin bases)

vehicles:jeeps,japenise cars(if in japan),italin cars(if in italy),there would be air vehicles(but they need fuel)

enemies:japenies soldiers(with a special type:banzai charger) or italin soldiers

story: a american who is a mercanry hired by the us goverment and is sent to jap…

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