'Brawling' is a Perk section in The Saboteur, it contains the following:


Fightin' Irish

Sucker Punch

Grim Reaper

Objective Knock out 2 Nazis Execute 10 stealth kills Stealth kill 5 Generals
Reward Unlock 'Haymaker' punch

'Sucker Punch' - instant and silenced kill from front.

Unlock 'Touch of Death' attack
How-To-Use Hold the X (Xbox 360) while in brawl mode to charge up an insta-kill punch. Walk infront of a Nazi and press E (PC)/ Y (Xbox 360)/ Triangle/Square (PS3) Stealth Kill with E (PC)/ Y (Xbox 360)/ Triangle/Square (PS3) from behind, will use a knife and stab them where they will stand for a few seconds before falling to the ground. Perfect time to disappear before anyone notices.