Corrino sport sabotuer
Type: Civilian

Garagekeeper description: Hotter than you might expect. She's got the heart of a racer in the body of a street car.

The Corrino Sport is one of the more stylish civilian vehicles found in Zone 1. With it's convertible form and lengthened front, it looks to be of a fancier sort due to how it stands out. In performance, the vehicle does not have a substantial acceleration, but it's handling and top speed are fairly good for it's category of vehicles and can work as a small mission vehicle or used in a pinch for a get-away vehicle, but it simply does not have the performance to be chosen over the early race cars, such as the Altair.

As with most vehicles, the Corrino Sport also has a rare color that can only be found by rare chance. As with many of the civilian cars, the rare color for the Corrino Sport is gold. The only way to find this color is for it to be spawned by pure chance, and even if the player is to put a gold Corrino Sport in the Garage and spawn it, the color will still be random when spawned. The only car that can be spawned that will always be gold is the Palomino Sedanca.

Images Edit

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The Corrino Sport in gold, it's rare color.