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A pre-release photo of The Saboteur depicting the King Tiger or "Bengal" as known in game. This suggests that the King Tiger was originally supposed to be drivable by the player and stored in the garage.

Over the development of the Saboteur multiple vehicles were removed from the game that were left in the files. Some of these show vehicles show up in certain missions but the player is never given access to them. Early pictures of the game from pre-release show some of these vehicles and how they were potentially supposed to be used in game. There are multiple vehicles that didn't show up in the final release, just like weapons, that can still be accessed by modifying the game. While there are multiple cars left out, most cars in the game made it into the final release. Most of the games cut vehicles take the form of tanks, suggesting a bigger role in the game before being toned back. Some of these vehicles were not introduced to free-play in a playable form, but are shown in missions, such as the Bengal which can be seen in a convoy mission that Sean is tasked to destroy.


Saboteur 2014-09-02 21-54-45-03

The Bengal spawned into the game. While a visually striking vehicle, it isn't a particularly strong performance vehicle.

The Bengal is the most well known of the cut tanks as it was shown in promotional pictures prior to the games release and made an appearance in a mission of the game, even if it wasn't playable. The tank retains it's functionality as a drivable vehicle once spawned in, though can't be accessed in any other way. The Bengal is visually striking compared to other tanks available in the game, though in game play does not have much to differentiate itself. It is not much faster or more powerful than the Panzer MK3 and is overall similar. It may be because of this that it was downplayed to an appearance in a mission rather than a fully playable and accessible vehicle in Sean's arsenal.


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Interestingly the FraSaurer brandishes a Terror Squad symbol, suggesting that this might have been a part of an alarm vehicle at one point containing Terror Squad troops, a much more powerful transport than a Half-Track.

The FraSaurer is a very interesting vehicle. It is not counted as a tank by the game, but rather as a truck. It controls closer to the Half-Track than any tank, but has a cannon mounted on top that can be rotated fully like the most of the tanks in the game. Because of this juxtaposition between tank and truck, it is made into a very unique vehicle that accelerates quickly, controls very well, and keeps the mobility of a truck while keeps the armor and firepower of a tank. It can also hold more people than the typical tank and works as a potential transport vehicle, much in like with the Half-Track. Because of this, it is a considerable force on the road being able to transport multiple enemies while keeping a heavy attack with it's cannon. The logo on the side of the FraSaurer suggests that it is a TerrorSquad vehicle, making the enemies inside much more threatening.


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While the Gato controls like a truck, it looks much like a tank and fights like one too. It is very fast and has the great mobility of any other car on the road with a lot more bite.

The Puma Z234, or "Gato" in game, is also considered a truck by the game, under similar conditions of the FraSaurer. The Gato is closer to a tank, where-as it holds few members while the FraSaurer also works as a transport, the Gato is a directly offensive vehicle. The Gato also controls more closely to a truck, but is surprisingly fast with a quick acceleration. It is not as strong as other tanks, but due to it's fast pace and great mobility, the Gato is left as a unique interesting vehicle with lots of potential use.

A side view of the Gato, showing it's heavily tank based design, despite it's truck based control scheme.

Stum III

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Short and stout, an odd appearance for an interesting vehicle that was cut from the game. Reintroduced it is a fun vehicle that's worth trying.

The Stum III is one of the most interesting tanks, though not necessarily out of practicality. Known as the "Blum III" in game, it operates and controls like most other tanks in the game you would come to expect, but where it really shows it's differences is in it's cannon and appearance. The Stum III is the only tank in the game that does not have a full rotatable cannon. Instead, it has a stationary cannon that can not be turned left or right at all and would have to be aimed by turning the whole tank. This is very different from the other tanks and can at first be difficult to work with, but is partially made up for by it's strong verticality being able to aim quite high. It is also fairly fast for a tank and can can turn quickly on demand. While it is not as fast as the Gato, it is one of the fastest tanks in the game. Visually it is also very interesting with it's beige paint and short and stout shape. It is very recognizable and a unique vehicle.