Doppelsieg Motorworks
Concept art of the Doppelsieg Factory
SB Doppelsieg
Map of Doppelsieg in Saarbrücken
Vital statistics
Type Building
Area Saarbrücken
Location Doppelsieg
Country Nazi Germany Nazi flag

The Doppelsieg Motorworks (Double Victory Motorworks) is a production facility in Saarbrücken, Germany. Doppelsieg Motorworks is responsible for such cars as the Silver Dart, and Kurt Dierker's Silver Claw MK1 and Silver Claw MK2.


The Doppelsieg Motorworks is a Nazi factory in Saarbrücken disguised as a car manufacturer. While Doppelsieg did in fact build and engineer race cars for Dierker and the Doppelzieg Crew to drive and win races such as the Saarbrücken Grand Prix to win Germany positive praise as a form of propaganda. Though despite their team of engineers and car manufacture, Doppelsieg's true purpose was to build Nazi war machines and weapons as the war came close to erupting.

During the Grand Prix in Saarbrücken, which Dierker and Sean are both racing, Dierker assures his victory by shooting the Aurora's tire. After victory in the race, Dierker returns to the Doppelsieg Motorworks. Sean and Jules trail him to the factory to get revenge but are captured outside by Franziska. Dierker mistakes Sean and Jules as British spies investigating the true purpose of the factory and kills Jules during their interrogation. After Jules' death, Sean escapes the facility and returns to France just as the Nazi invasion commences, starting crux of the revenge plot that the rest of the game is based on.

Eventually Sean returns to Saarbrücken and the Doppelsieg Factory as part of an SOE mission to destroy their war machines they had been constructing that were ready to be unleashed. Sean had to destroy them before they could be put to use.