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Doppelsieg Motorworks
Rear of the main Doppelsieg building
SB Doppelsieg.png
Map of Doppelsieg in Saarbrücken
Vital statistics
Type Building
Area Saarbrücken
Location Doppelsieg
Country Nazi Germany Nazi flag.jpg
"I've heard rumours about that place. Some people say they're making more than cars out there."

The Doppelsieg Motorworks (Double Victory Motorworks) is a vehicle production facility located in Saarbrücken, Germany. The facility, overseen by Karl Eckhardt, is responsible for the design and production of several high-performance vehicles such as the Silver Dart, and Kurt Dierker's Silver Claw MK1 and Silver Claw MK2.


The Doppelsieg Motorworks is situated in the hills north of Saarbrücken, and comprises of several administrative and industrial buildings. The main reception hall features a statue of renowned racing driver Dierker alongside potted plants and a fountain decorated with replicas of Doppelsieg-designed vehicles.

Progressing deeper into the facility past the reception hall reveals the darker use of the Motorworks as a military production complex, where several key elements of the Nazi war machine are designed and built in secret by teams of skilled engineers. The rear of the complex features an aerodrome with planes and anti-air emplacements present on the runway. Around the edges of the runway are several small hangars, along with what appears to be an unused aerial tramway station at the edge of a large lake. This area of the facility also features numerous destructible freeplay targets.

Events of The Saboteur

To the public, the Doppelsieg motorworks designed and built race cars for Dierker and Team Doppelsieg to compete in races across Europe, such as the Saarbrücken Grand Prix. This was done in an attempt to boost Germany's prestige among neighbouring nations as a form of propaganda.

Following Dierker's sabotage and subsequent victory in the Grand Prix, Sean and Jules tail the victor to the Motorworks. They clamber over the facility's outer walls and destroy Dierker's car by dumping it in the lake north of Doppelsieg, but are soon captured by Franziska. The pair are then taken into Doppelsieg and are subjected to a brutal interrogation by Dierker, who mistakes them for British spies attempting to investigate the Motorworks and its true purpose.

Enraged at Sean's defiance, Dierker executes Jules and takes his leave, intending to continue the interrogation later. However, Devlin is able to overpower the guard posted to watch him and enacts a daring escape through the facility back to the main entrance. Upon stealing a Sturmwagen, Sean smashes through Doppelsieg's main gate, but finds himself in the middle of the German invasion of France.

Doppelsieg eventually comes back into focus as part of an SOE mission to infiltrate the facility in order to extract the Kessler family and destroy critical weaponry, such as the Cyclotron, that they had been forced to build. Upon breaking into the Motorworks, Sean and Veronique come across the room where Jules was murdered. Sean sets the room on fire, before delving further into the facility to rescue Kessler and destroy the Cyclotron.

The destruction of the Cyclotron and Devlin's subsequent escape triggers a chain reaction that results in the rest of the Motorworks exploding, destroying it in the process. Sean, Veronique and the Kesslers are then flown out of Saarbrücken by Skylar Saint Claire, leaving the ruins of Doppelsieg behind them.



  • The Motorwork's insignia shows up in the restaurant on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, indicating that engineers may have been involved in modifying the facilities.