Doppelsieg Crew is a group of German racers, including Kurt Dierker, that represent the Nazi party and attempt to win major races around the world to show Germany's power and glory.

Background Edit

The Doppelsieg Crew are first introduced in the Prologue mission: Pole Position. Sean Devlin, Jules Rousseau, and Vittore Morrini work together as Morrini Motorworks to create the Aurora. They drove up from France to Saarbücken to take part in the Grand Prix and attempt to show off and win with The Aurora. This is where the Doppelsieg Crew are introduced, as a large portion of the drivers Sean faces are Doppelsieg Crew, recognizable by their uniforms and use of Doppelsieg Motorworks' most popular car, the Silver Dart. Kurt Dierker is the leader of the group and most prestigious driver, and he drives his customized Silver Dart, the Silver Claw MK1. Because of Doppelsieg Crew's goals, failure means a loss for the Nazi party, and so when Sean Devlin outshined them in the Aurora, Kurt Dierker shout out Sean's tire, starting a revenge plot that goes through the rest of the game.