Drake, Skylars car of choice.

"Skylar's car is a lot like her original owner. Great body. Fairly reliable..."
— Sean

Skylar's DrakeEdit

Skylar's car of choice is first introduced in the prologue to escape the Nazis after the bar brawl at The Red Ox. It is later used in the mission "A Trip Up the Coast". It can only be collected after unlocking the Speed Demon Racing Perk.

Other InformationEdit

Being classed as a race car it is needed to unlock the Wheelman Gold Mechanics Perk.


  • Drake is based on the real life Alfa Romeo 2500 SS Corsa 1939.
  • Depending on the mission, a different variation of the Drake will be introduced, including a 3-seat version of the Drake and the ordinary 2 seat Drake. The 2 Seat Drake is awarded through Wheelman, but the 3-seat version can never be stored or kept by Sean.