Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower, as seen from the Trocadéro Palace
The Eiffel Tower and Champ de Mars as it appears on the in-game map
Vital statistics
Type Landmark
Area Zone 3
Location Eiffel District, Paris
Country France SB France

The Eiffel Tower (French: La tour Eiffel) is a famous Parisian landmark in The Saboteur, serving as the focus for several of the game's final missions.


The Eiffel Tower is an iron lattice tower located in the Eiffel district of Paris, to the south of the River Seine in Zone 3. Standing at a height of 300m from base to summit, the tower is the tallest structure in The Saboteur, visible from nearly anywhere in the city and surrounding countryside.

Ascending the tower can be done by two methods; using the elevators or climbing up the iron lattice framework itself. The elevator from the ground to the first floor is located in the North-East pillar. The elevator from the first to the second floor is located in the South-West pillar. The final elevator from the second floor to the summit is located on top of the restaurant situated on the second floor.

The second floor houses a restaurant, featuring décor in the same style as Doppelsieg. This restaurant also contains a hiding place, which allows the player to escape from Nazi Alarms of any level.

The summit of the tower comprises of a third floor platform with ladders giving access to a spiral ramp which leads to the 'lantern'; atop which sits the flagpole and the highest accessible point in-game.


To the east of the tower is the public greenspace known as the Champ de Mars, encircled by a complex of buildings. To the west of the tower is the River Seine, with the Trocadéro Palace facing the tower on the opposite bank. A small pool is located at the foot of the tower, next to the South-West pillar. This pool provides a safe landing spot for players leaping off the summit of the tower, which earns the High Diver achievement.

Several Nazi towers and emplacements are located around the tower, along with crates of contraband.

In-game eventsEdit

The tower appears in two major story missions, including the finale.

In From the Ashes, it serves as the finishing line for the Europa Grand Prix. Sean finishes in first place, before abandoning his bomb-rigged vehicle as it crashes into and destroys the stage beneath the tower.

In Angel of Death, the tower is utilized as a makeshift command post by Dierker as the citizens of Paris rise up against the Nazi occupation. As Sean ascends the tower, it is revealed that Dierker himself has gone insane and is executing his own subordinates. Following a confrontation on the summit of the tower, Sean either executes Dierker or lets him fall over the edge.


The Eiffel Tower is linked to two achievements; Top o' the World and High Diver.

Top o' the World is earned by ascending to the viewpoint at the very top of the flagpole.

High Diver is earned by jumping from the top of the tower and surviving. This can be done by landing in the pool located west of the tower. Players can either jump from the top of the flagpole, or from anywhere on the top platform itself.

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