SB Foucalt
"A few of these old French tanks survived the invasion. If you can find one, drive it to a museum."
Vital statistics
Faction Affiliation French Army
Manufacturer Unknown, presumed Renoir
Category Tanks/APCs
Accessibility Fully collectible

The Foucalt is one of two French tanks in the game. It comes equipped with a fully-rotating turret housing a 37mm cannon, and can reach a top speed of 30km/h (18mp/h). As a tank, it is inherently bulletproof.

As a tank design from World War I, the Foucalt is the oldest available tank in The Saboteur. As a result, it is considered outdated compared to its Nazi counterparts for understandable reasons.

Background Edit

As a light tank from the First World War, the Foucalt served as part of France's desperate defense to stop the German invasion. Most of them were destroyed, leaving only a few left - with one that can be found hidden in the countryside.

Performance Edit

The Foucalt is incredibly slow but has a fair acceleration when taking into account its top speed. This makes it slightly more reliable when attempting to evade attacks, but dodging incoming fire proves very difficult due to its slow turning capability. It is advised that you pre-emptively turn the Foucalt in the direction you wish to evade to in order to compensate for this.

The Foucalt's gun is fairly powerful, detonating unarmoured vehicles and Nazi freeplay targets in a single shot. However, it is not as effective as the weaponry present on the Panzer or Wulf, and will take at least 2 shots minimum to detonate a heavily-armoured vehicle. The cannon is more closely related to the AR-33's in terms of firepower. Though the turret can provide a 360 degree field of fire, the Foucalt lacks any form of secondary weapon - further limiting its combat capabilities in comparison to the other tanks available.

Though bulletproof, the Foucalt is still vulnerable to explosive attacks. This includes splash damage from its own cannon, so be careful when placing shots.

In spite of its underwhelming performance, especially when compared to the other available tanks in-game, the Foucalt remains a unique vehicle, providing an interesting offset of a WWI tank fighting in WWII.

Trivia Edit

  • The Foucalt can only be found in the Normandie district of the countryside, abandoned near an SOE supply drop and some ruins.
  • The Foucalt is based upon the design of the Renault FT, a light tank produced by France during World War I. It is often considered to be the model that shaped designs for future tanks, with its rotating turret.
    • Despite the Renault FT being manned by a 2-man crew consisting of a driver and a gunner, in-game Sean can control both the movement and weaponry of the Foucalt independently as with all the other tanks.