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SB France.jpg
The French flag.
France as it appears on the in-game map.
Vital statistics
Capital City Paris
Other Cities Le Havre
Regions Lorraine, Champagne Ardenne, Picardie, Normandie, Centre, Bourgogne

France is a country in Western Europe and is the primary location of The Saboteur.


Its in-game representation consists of a scaled down version of multiple areas of the country, from its Channel coastline to the eastern border with Germany. The majority of the map is dominated by the French capital city, Paris. Paris itself is split into several smaller districts.

The remainder of France consists of hilly, rural areas interspersed with smaller settlements and landmarks. Le Havre, the only other major town in-game, is located on the coast at the north-west corner of the map. The regions of Picardie and Champagne Ardenne make up the majority of the countryside directly north of Paris, separated from Lorraine and the German border to Saarbrücken by the River Seine flowing towards the east.

Normandie is located directly west of Paris, bordering the districts of Trocadero and the Bois de Boulogne. Centre makes up the entirety of the southern edge of the map, directly beneath Paris. Finally, the eastern portion of the map is taken up by Bourgogne.

Beyond the French borders lie No man's land, areas torn by war that Sean cannot safely pass through. Attempting to traverse these areas will result in Sean coming under fire from aircraft and tanks, which will eventually kill him. Tall mountains with invisible barriers lie beyond No man's land, preventing players from leaving the map area outright.

Events of The Saboteur

3 months prior to the beginning of the game, France was an independent nation warily observing the machinations of Germany. Following the Saarbrücken Grand Prix, the country is suddenly invaded by Nazi forces led by Karl Eckhardt, spilling across the Franco-German border into the Lorraine region. The French Army attempts to repulse the invasion, with armed civilians even attempting to resist. The Nazi forces eventually make it to Paris, leading to the capitulation of the French. Following this, the Germans instate a military occupation.

After Sean joins the French Resistance, areas of both Paris and the French countryside are gradually inspired to more fervently resist thanks to his acts of sabotage against the occupying forces. Following Sean's successful assassination of General Eckhardt at the Europa Grand Prix, Paris itself erupts into a city-wide uprising against the Nazi regime. Dierker attempts to regain control, setting up a temporary command post at the Eiffel Tower, but is killed by Devlin shortly thereafter.