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Franziska is a ruthless, cold-blooded, female Gestapo. Kurt Dierker's personal body guard and right hand woman. A dangerous yet mysterious character in the Saboteur storyline. She is introduced to the player very early on as she personally caught Sean Devlin and Jules Rousseau outside of Doppelsieg as they broke in to destroy Dierker's car, the Silver Claw MK1. She delivered them to Dierker and assisted in the interrogation as Dierker tries to get them to admit to being British spies in the SOE attempting to find out Doppelsieg Motorworks' secrets. They didn't know anything about the SOE nor Doppelsieg's secrets and were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Dierker did not believe this and shot Jules in the head to get Sean to admit an affiliation with the British.

Franziska is just as fearless and ruthless as Kurt Dierker, and despite being his bodyguard, she is sent on missions without him to accomplish things for him. She is seen later in the game sent to General Eckhardt's home while Sean tries to steal the Aurora back from his compound and has a run in with the both of them. Eckhardt and Franziska survive the run in, but Sean gets away with the Aurora.

She is seen once again at the final race in the game, and as part of the race Sean was to take part in an explosion to catch the attention of the rest of the world as they attack the Nazi's at a public event. It can be assumed that she was killed after Sean rammed the Aurora into the stand packed with explosives.