The French Resistance is a major faction in The Saboteur.

History Edit

The resistance started out after the Armistice of June 22, 1940. The Resistance grew as the partnership between Luc Gaudin and Sean Devlin began to flourish. After the destruction of the fuel depot and the bombing of the Slaughterhouse by the British Royal Air Force, the Resistances numbers increased greatly as many French people, angry at the takeover of their country by the Nazis and the atrocities they committed, joined the Resistance to continue the war.

Over time and with the help from Sean, the Resistance gained enough power to plan a large scale operation against the Nazis. Devlin was tasked by Gaudin to free French Foreign Legion soldiers led by Le Crochet. Devlin, who was used to breaking out of prisons back in Ireland, was able to break them out. With Le Crochet and his men joining the Resistance, Devlin was able to call on reinforcements during conflict with the Nazis.

Due to business negotiations with the Spaniard black-marketer Santos, Devlin is able to get transit papers to pass checkpoints into both the western and southern district. Devlin was able to gain the allegiance of Duval Mingo, Margot Bonnaire and Dr. Kwong.

Soon the perfect opportunity to seriously strike at the Nazi occupiers came. The Euro-prix race would be broadcasted across all of Occupied Europe and it was decided that the Aurora (then disguised as the Phoenix) would be planted with explosives and be driven into a podium where a number of senior Nazi officers would give the winner an Iron Cross, including General Eckhart. After Sean had refused to drive the Aurora after Veronique's capture it was decide that Morini would drive the Aurora but after Veronique was rescued by Sean, Morini was knocked out by the Irishman so he would not have to risk his life and that he could beat Dierker in a race once and for all.

During the race, Santos the arms dealer betrayed the Resistance by telling the Germans about their base in the catacombs and the Germans sent in the Terror Squad and SS troops to clear it out. While the battle was going on, Sean had won the race and blew up the officers at the podium, killing General Karl Eckhart. He then rushed to the base and helped the Resistance fight off the Terror Squad before being flanked and Luc being killed in the process.

After Luc was killed, the Resistance initiated Lucs ultimate plan: a mass uprising of all the Resistance groups in Paris. The city became a battlefield with Resistance members attacking Nazi troops anywhere they could, barricades being set up and the destruction of a Zeppelin. The fighting was so intense that the Luftwaffe had to get involved, strafing and bombing the streets. When Sean and Veronique returned to Paris, Sean said that Veronique needed to lead the Resistance if it was going to survive and she took Lucs place while Sean went to deal with Dierker. What happens to the Resistance after the Uprising is a mystery but it's probable that they went back into hiding or continued the struggle against the Nazis.

Equipment Edit

If upgraded, Resistance goes from wearing civilian clothing with a simple blue armband, wielding Hunting rifles and double barreled shotguns to wearing French military uniforms and using Tommy Guns and Steiner rifles. The Resistance has also taken control of a few Sturmwagons and painted Resistance symbols on them.

Foreign Relations Edit

The Resistance is, obviously, completely hostile to the Nazis. They are friendly with the British SOE as the British bring in weapons and supplies in exchange for the Resistance gathering intelligence and sabotaging Nazi operations.

Notable members Edit