Type: Civilian

Garagekeeper description: Bishop drives around in the back o' one these, slurpin' caviar and champagne. Rumor has it that the design was handcrafted by Gütmann himself. 

Background Edit

The Gütmann is one of the more exotic and fancy cars found in the game, found most often in Sector 2. It is distinctly recognizable by it's extended front, side panels, extra tires, and many headlights. It is not quite as slow as most cars in this sector, though it's acceleration is rather poor. This car is more remarkable due to it's looks, rather than it's performance.

Images Edit


This is the real life car in which the Gütmann is based off of.


This is the Garage icon for the Gütmann.


This is the Gütmann in game, in a burgundy red finish.