The Gestapo Cruiser.

The Gestapo Cruiser is a vehicle in The Saboteur.


Used by the Gestapo throughout Paris, the Gestapo Cruiser is a very fast and reliable vehicle. For armament, the Cruiser sports twin machine guns mounted on the sides of the hood. As with most Nazi vehicles, Sean can drive around in the Gestapo Cruiser without arising suspicion, however if he enters or exits it and is seen by a Nazi, the alarm will be sounded. All Cruisers are black and feature swastikas and eagles mounted on the hood, doors, and back. It also has a Siren used during an Alarm but can't be used by Sean.

When the AI drives the Gestapo Cruiser, they appear to be able to traverse the guns slightly. However, the player is unable to do this and can only shoot straight in the direction the vehicle is pointed.


Gestapo Cruisers are not normally found on the streets, however they will be sent after the player at alarm levels 3 and higher. The player may then steal one and drive it to a garage in order to collect it.