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Gestapo Cruiser
SB Gestapo-Cruiser.png
"This Gestapo pursuit beast is even meaner than the bastards driving her. A reinforced chassis and linked machine guns make her the toughest bitch on the block."
Vital statistics
Faction Affiliation Nazi Germany
Manufacturer Pegasus
Category Military
Accessibility Fully collectable

The Gestapo Cruiser is an heavily-armed vehicle used by the Gestapo in The Saboteur.

Top Speed: 115kph

Acceleration: 6/10

Weight: 1325kg

Strength: 6/10

Repair Price (Contraband): 50


Used by the Gestapo throughout Paris, the Gestapo Cruiser is a very fast and reliable vehicle. It is equipped with twin machine guns mounted in recesses on either side of the hood, and is slightly armoured for added protection from small arms fire.

The Cruiser sports black paintwork and has several swastika and eagle insignias mounted on the exterior including the hood, doors, and trunk. While it has a siren that can be used by enemy AI during an Alarm, this cannot be activated by Sean when he is driving the Cruiser.

Additionally when the AI drives the Gestapo Cruiser, they appear to be able to traverse the guns slightly for a wider field of fire. However, the player is may only fire in the direction the front of the vehicle is pointing.


The Gestapo Cruiser can only be encountered when they are dispatched against the player during Alarm states, first appearing at a level 3 alarm. Sean may hijack a Cruiser and drive it to a garage in order to collect it.


  • While Sean can drive the Cruiser without arousing suspicion, entering or exiting the vehicle will be considered provoking any Nazi forces within sight.
  • The swastika and eagle insignias glow red when inside an area with a low will to fight level.