SB HalfTrack

Garage icon for the Half-Track.

The Half-Track is one of the most common heavy armor vehicles in the Nazi arsenal. It works as a fast transport vehicle dropping off multiple soldiers and containing a mounted MG-42 for offense and defense of the vehicle.

Description Edit

The Half-Track is a two front wheeled heavy armor vehicle deployed by the Nazi's on Alarm 3 and up. It's MG-42 can do a lot of damage to vehicles, but is especially effective against the player when on foot. The Half-Track's main purpose is to be an aggressive and strong transport vehicle to quickly deploy troops in the front lines. It's purpose in game serves very similar as it will often attack the player heavily while deploying it's troops on the road. The troops that are deployed are of a heavier tier of soldiers than those deployed in previous Alarms in the Sturmwagen. Depending on the mission or circumstances, the soldiers can be heavily armored soldiers with MP-44's or Trenchguns, or Terror Squad troops. During an alarm, heavy soldiers will be deployed at Alarm 3, and the Terror Squads will show up at Alarm 4.

During alarms, Half-tracks will only be sent after the player while they are on foot; if the player is in a vehicle, the Nazis will send Gestapo Cruisers instead.

Occupied Half Tracks can be difficult to obtain as the MG-42 is severely damaging to the player on foot as they attempt to run up to it. The MG-42 operator is vulnerable, but can be difficult to kill without a sniper. The Half-Track has a vulnerable point as it has explosive compartments on each side that can be shot which will do large damage to the vehicle, sometimes forcing the gunner to leave the vehicle. While this is a good tactic to lower the vehicles guard and render it defenseless, the damage done will also make it difficult to return to the Garage. The player can also use a vehicle to flank the gunner, since the mounted gun is unable to traverse 360 degrees. The easiest way to obtain the Half-Track is to take the parked Half-Track near Duval Mingo's Resistance headquarters in Zone 3. This spot is shown in the picture below and on the locations map.

Gallery Edit

Saboteur 2014-09-29 16-03-23-72

The Half-Track parked near Duval's Zone 3 headquarters.

Saboteur 2014-09-29 16-03-26-78

Another angle of the Half-Track

Saboteur 2014-09-29 16-03-20-74

The Half-Track, the red explosives mounted on the side visible.