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The mechanic for Morini Racing Team and best friend of Sean, Jules Rousseau does not take much seriously other than racing and his family, including his sister Veronique. Jules was Sean's best friend and worked together with Vittore to work on the Aurora and win races. After following along Sean to the Dopplesieg Motorworks factory. After being confused for British spies by the Nazis who ran and guarded the factory, Jules was tortured and killed by Kurt Dierker after he and Sean destroyed Dierker's race car and Sean would not tell Dierker what the British agency wanted as he did not know what he was talking about.

Through the rest of the game, Jule's death strained Sean's relationship with Veronique and led him to live a life of self destruction, drinking himself away. Eventually Sean joined The Resistance and vowed revenge and finally avenged Jules' death when he killed Dierker near the top of the Eiffel Tower.