Kaiser Limos
Vital statistics
Faction Affiliation Nazi
Manufacturer Kaiser
Category Nazi Vehicle
Accessibility Fully Collectible

Kaiser is a Limo in The Saboteur. It's clearly used by high ranked Nazi officers in victory parades, and is a Limo designed for War Zone. Unlike most Nazi vehicles, if Sean is seen entering or exiting the Kaiser or Kaiser Convertible, the Nazis will not sound the alarm. However, they will still sound the alarm if Sean enters the bulletproof version.

The Kaiser limo is quite slow to accelerate and hard to turn due to its length, but has strong damage resistance and a fairly reasonable top speed. Due to its poor maneuverability and acceleration, it makes for a poor get-away vehicle. It is not a very common vehicle, but is occasionally seen driving around has some static spawn points around the city, including one in Sector 2.

The Bulletproof Kaiser limo is very unique as it's the only bulletproof vehicle in the game (aside from tanks), which allows for a unique experience in-game. The Bulletproof variant of the Kaizer limo can be found at General Eckhardt's personal home along with the Silver Dart.


The Kaiser has 2 other variants, The Convertible and The Bulletproof.


  • Although the Limo is considered a Nazi vehicle, civilians can be seen being driven around by a Chauffer in Paris area 2.
    • The Bulletproof version is never seen being driven by civilians, and Nazis will raise the suspicious bar if they see that you are driving it.
  • Despite the description, the bulletproof limo lacks bulletproof windows, so bullets can still hit you if you are being shot at. However, it is much less likely compared to other vehicles.