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Kurt Dierker is the main antagonist in The Saboteur; arrogant and sadistic, he is a perfect fit for a Nazi.


Prior to the German invasion of France, Kurt Dierker was a racecar driver and the champion of Germany. Just before the Grand Prix, he arrives at a tavern with his mechanics and encounters Sean Devlin. The two already know that they will face off against each other at the Grand Prix. Kurt Dierker, being arrogant, antagonizes Sean and sexually harasses Jule's sister. Infuriated by this, Sean and Jules brutally beat him and his mechanics up, and then leave before the shopkeeper calls the Gestapo. The day of the Grand Prix he is almost beaten by Sean. Rather than accept a loss, and international humiliation for the Third Reich, Dierker pulls out a Luger pistol, and shoots out Devlin's front right tire. Devlin spins out, and Dierker wins the race.

The winning car was to be shown on a plinth at the race track the day after. However, Sean decides that this is unfair, as it was not a 'correct' win. He then breaks into the Doppelsieg factory with his best friend, Jules. Sean launches the Silver Claw, the pride of German racing, over a cliff. However, both Jules and Sean are captured by Dierker, who reveals he is more than just a race car driver.

Believing that Sean is a British secret agent, Dierker tortures him for information. He tells Sean that unless he reveals everything he knows, he will kill Jules. Sean refuses, angering Dierker who shoots Jules repeatedly, killing him. The death of his best friend motivates Sean to hunt down and kill Dierker. Sean's relationship with Skylar leads Sean to Bishop who informs him that Kurt is less than one mile away, preparing to board a zeppelin headed for Berlin. Sean manages to reach him but the zeppelin is shot down and both men survive, vowing that when they face each other again, one of them will die. Sean corners Dierker at the top of Eiffel Tower, where the defeated Nazi drunkenly claims that the world will thank him and the Third Reich for what they did. Sean finally exacts retribution by shooting Dierker off the top of the Tower or having the satisfaction of watching him jump off. Either way, Dierker dies and Jules is avenged. However, Sean is not content with Dierker's demise, promising that his fight is far from over.


Dierker was a sadistic man who had no qualms about torturing and/or killing people so long as it served his own ends. He also hated losing as evidenced by his shooting out of Sean's tires when it became apparent that he would lose the Grand Prix on fair terms. Ultimately, he felt no guilt for any of his horrible deeds even when faced with death at the top of the Eiffel Tower, believing that the Nazis had improved the world and that they would one day be celebrated for what they did.


Kurt Dierker is the ideal Ayran German: blonde, blue-eyed, strong, tall and muscular. He was being admired by his fellows as well as Franziska. On his jacket underneath his lab coat whilst interrogating Sean and Jules, he appears to have an Iron Cross.


  • His weapon of choice is the Executioner Pistol.
  • He constantly mistakes Sean as being British, only acknowledging he is Irish at the Eiffel Tower.
  • If not shot in the head at the Eiffel Tower, it will take various shots to kill him.
  • When doing the mission involving a race with the Aurora if the Aurora has been outfitted with the machine gun, Kurt's car can be blown up, resulting in you getting the Trophy/Achievement which would normally require you playing all of the story missions; the credits will even roll. Quite humorously, the mission will count as failed and the reason given as to why is that no violence was permitted.
  • In the first race during Act 1, it is also possible to kill Dierker with the Aurora if the player unlocks the machine gun before doing the race, ending the game,
  • It's also possible to stealth kill Dierker in the bar fight mission of Act 1. It is possible through a glitch shown here.