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La Belle de Nuit
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Picture of Sean in front of The Belle.
SB Belle.png
The Belle as it appears on the in-game map.
Vital statistics
Type Headquarters
Area Montmartre, Paris
Location Zone 1
Country France SB France.jpg
"One of these days I'll take you to my family's cabaret in Paris."

La Belle de Nuit (English: The Beauty of the Night), known colloquially as The Belle, is a large cabaret and brothel owned by the Rousseau family. It also serves as the main residence and safehouse for Sean Devlin.


La Belle De Nuit is the biggest brothel in Paris and is owned and run by Veronique's parents, Ludivine and Gaspard Rousseau; Veronique herself was raised in the cabaret, much to her displeasure. Following the death of Jules and destruction of the Morini Farm during the Prologue, Sean and Vittore are offered residence at the Belle.

Initially, Sean spends most of his days getting drunk and drowning his sorrows at the bar until meeting with Luc Gaudin. Following the birth of the Resistance, the Belle becomes a Resistance hideout, with the backroom still in use by Sean. The Belle's adjoining Garage can also be used by Sean and the Resistance to spawn vehicles.

As with other safehouses in the game, the Belle will be inaccessible if Sean attempts to enter while an Alarm is raised. Likewise, weapons cannot be equipped while inside, the doorwoman having confiscated them upon entry; however, the weapons will be returned to Sean once he exits the building.


The interior of the Belle consists of a large cabaret theatre hall, with several tables and chairs in front of a stage where various shows (such as dances and live music performances) are held. Around the edges of the theatre are smaller booths, with a gallery on the upper floor. Many drunken Nazis can be found in the audience, with several other patrons consorting with the women or drinking at the bar.

A dressing room is located behind the stage, used by the performers to prepare before going out. At the end of the room is a large painting, behind which lies Sean's private room.

V.I.P. Room

If the Midnight Show DLC is installed, Sean may access the basement of the Belle; accessible via a secret door behind the main bar. The basement contains the V.I.P. room, which includes a bar, four topless burlesque dance shows to watch and a knife-throwing game. Should Sean win the knife-throwing game, he can win the Palomino Sedanca; an exclusive, gold car.

Events of The Saboteur

Sean, Veronique and Vittore flee to Paris after invading Nazi forces burn down the Morini farm. They arrive at the Belle, where Veronique reunites with her parents. They extend their hospitality to Sean and Vittore, who require a discreet place to stay following the events at the Saarbrücken Grand Prix. When the Germans invade and occupy Paris, the Belle is allowed to continue operating.

For the next 3 months following the occupation, Sean regularly drowns his sorrows at the bar. Eventually he is approached by Luc Gaudin, who succeeds in convincing Sean to accompany him on an act of sabotage at a local Nazi supply depot. Following the sabotage, the Belle acts as the headquarters for the newly-formed resistance, and is where Sean makes contact with Father Denis, a local clergyman requiring the assistance of the resistance.

Though the resistance headquarters eventually moves to La Villette, the Belle continues to serve as a hideout. Vittore uses the cabaret's garage to modify the Aurora into the Phoenix in preparation for the Europa Grand Prix. During the Grand Prix, the Belle is raided by Nazi forces who destroy the interior and kidnap the Kessler family, who had been hiding out.

The Belle then remains inaccessible until the completion of Act 3, where it is renovated and reopened.


  • Nazis are drunk in this area, allowing Sean to walk around without generating suspicion.
  • Upon entry, your weapons are taken away until you leave. Behind the counter you can see multiple weapons, including a non-useable MG42 and a Lee Enfield, a cut weapon that can't normally be accessed.
  • In the back room, when leaving through the secret painting on the wall, you can see Sean has made two peep holes to see into the Belle's changing room where many of the women are preparing. On the other side of the painting the holes are not noticeable.
  • The Palomino Sedanca is referred to as "VH_CV_CR_HORCH853_Jules" implying that this car at one point may have belonged to Jules.