La Belle du Nuit
The saboteur outside the belle de nuit
Picture of Sean in front of La Belle
SB Belle
Overview picture of La Belle on the map
Vital statistics
Type Headquarters
Area Montmartre, Paris
Location Zone 1
Country France SB France

La Belle is the brothel in the game. Sean uses the back as a place to hide. La Belle is the first headquarters in the game.


La Belle De Nuit is the biggest brothel in Paris and is owned and run by Veronique's parents, much to her displeasure. After the loss of Jules, Veronique's brother, Sean is offered residence in the back of the Belle, where Sean spends most of his days getting drunk and drowning his sorrows until the birth of the Resistance with Luc Gaudin. Afterwards, the backroom is still used as a small hideout by Sean and the Garage that connects to the room can be used by Sean and the Resistance to spawn vehicles.

Veronique's parent's Caberet. First hideout unlocked. It acts as a spawn point in case Sean is killed and a safe zone with other uses, like the Garage. Though despite being a safe zone, during an Alarm, the Belle will close it's doors and not let Sean in. This is the case for other hideouts as well. This keeps the player from using it as a way to escape an alarm, but also is explained by the fact that if Sean were to return to a hideout, the Nazi's would know where it is and put other members of the Resistance at risk.

Belle Nuit

Concept art of the Belle

Inside the Belle, there are many people at the tables watching the show and consorting with the women or drinking at the bar. There are many Nazi's watching the show and getting drunk, much to Sean's lament. Ironically, Luc and Sean meet at the Belle and form The Resistance while dozens of Nazi's nearby watch the show, not knowing at all. Vittore and Father Denis also show up at the Belle to talk with the Resistance and ask for Sean's help. Vitorre also uses the garage behind La Belle to modify the Aurora into the Phoenix later on in the game. As the game progresses and the Resistance comes close to finishing it's task, the Resistance is betrayed leading to the destruction of La Belle and leads to the permanent darkening and loss of Will To Fight in this area.

The Midnight ShowEdit

There is a basement where women perform various dances topless. There is also a bar underneath and a wheel game. If Sean wins the wheel game in the basement he can win an exclusive car, a gold Palomono Sedanca.


  • This is the only place in the game where women become indecent.
  • Nazis are drunk in this area, allowing Sean to walk around without generating suspicion.
  • There are about forty female workers in this place.
  • Upon entry, your weapons are taken away until you leave. Behind the counter you can see multiple weapons, including a non-useable MG42 and a Lee Enfield, a cut weapon that can't normally be accessed.
  • In the back room, when leaving through the secret painting on the wall, you can see Sean has made two peep holes to see into the Belle's changing room where many of the women are preparing. On the other side of the painting the holes are not noticeable.
  • Interestingly, The Palomono Sedanca is referred to as "VH_CV_CR_HORCH853_Jules" insisting that this car at one point may have belonged to Jules. Given that La Belle is run by Jule's parents, there is a possible connection here to be made.
  • The Belle de Nuit might be based of the real Moulin Rouge caberet. Both buildings share a similar location and theme.