Mission Name Contact Type Requirements Reward Number
Spark one up Luc

Main Mission

Dynamite - 1
Better Days Vittore

Main Mission

- - 2

Old Friends, New Enemies

Vittore Main Mission - - 3
La Femme St. Claire Skylar Main Mission - -


Pole Position Auto Main Mission - - 5
A Sunday Drive Jules Main Mission - - 6
The Darkest Night Auto Main Mission - - 7
Out Of The Frying Pan.. Auto Main Mission - - 8
..Into The Fire Auto Main Mission - -

Act I, Act II, Act III

Mission Name Contact Type Requirements Reward Number
Slaughterhouse Luc Main Mission 10
Buried Secrets Bishop Main Mission 11
Bottle Shock Santos Main Mission 12
The Black Market Santos Main Mission 13
Grand Theft Limo Santos 14
Thirty pieces of lead Vittore Main Mission 15
Liberty or Death Luc Main Mission
Wrath of God Father Denis Side quest
Red Wedding Father Denis Side quest
Belly of the Beast La Crochet Side quest
Legio Patria Nostra La Crochet Side quest
Special Delivery Veronique Main Mission
Rare Pleasure
Slipped Me a Mickey
Vive la Vengeance
Better Dying through Chemistry Wilcox Side quest
Bulletproof Margot Side quest
Symphony of Destruction
Rolling Thunder Skylar Main Mission
A Whisper or A Roar
Fahrenheit Four Forty...
Back in Saddle
The Big Gun
South of Seine Luc Main Mission
Repo Man Vittore Main Mission
Loose Lips Mingo Side quest
The Hunter or The Hunted Mingo Side quest
Guardian Angel Kwong Side quest
Deutschland uber Phallus Kwong Side quest
Set Up Us The Bomb Wilcox Side quest
Boiling Point Bryman Main Mission
Lambs to the Slaughterhouse Auto Main Mission
Dark Reign Bryman Main Mission