Luc Gaudin

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Luc Gaudin was a writer turned Resistance leader. Luc was the major conspirator and leader for the French Resistance in The Saboteur.

Before the War

Before the War, Luc was a writer. When the Nazis invaded France, they took everything. It was after this that he dedicated the rest of his life to fighting the Nazis, but not out of revenge. He is said to do it out of his love for France.

War Effort

Three months after the Nazis invaded, Luc met up with Sean Devlin. Luc pioneered the French Resistance with Sean as his main muscle as they fought back against the Nazi's. Taking small victories sabotaging Nazi equipment and killing Nazi soldiers, he worked to help in destroying a Nazi installation, and to save several possible allies from La Villette. He was wounded in the stomach and temporarily disabled. It was after this that he got involved with Veronique Rousseau, a test to Sean's emotions and a strain to his relationship with Sean.

As the French Resistance built up, Luc got Sean to recruit several partisans leaders to join the resistance, uniting other bands of Resistance that hadn't previously worked together. This was a necessary step to strengthen the Resistance to truly fight the Nazi's out of Paris. Before Luc could experience this victory, Santos sold the Resistance out to the Nazis, Luc was trapped under boulders and told Sean to shoot him. When Sean couldn't, Veronique did.

Luc's death was not in vain. Luc had managed to build the French resistance and get it moving so that Veronique, Sean, and the rest of the Resistance leaders could hold their own without him.

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