MG42 Sabotuer

The mounted MG42


The MG42 is the primary mounted machine gun in The Saboteur. It also serves as the driver-controlled weapon in some vehicles, including the Wulf tank and the Gestapo Cruiser, and can be attached to the Aurora racecar after the proper perk is unlocked.


The Maschinengewehr 42 was considered the most advanced machine gun of World War II, as it was years ahead of its American, British, and Russian counterparts. Capable of achieving a 1500 rounds per minute fire rate with just a single barrel, it was highly effective against infantry, light vehicles, and fortifications. Also, it was lighter than most general purpose machine guns, such as its predecessor, the MG34, allowing for easier transitioning of firing positions. The MG42 inspired later machine gun designs, such as its near-direct copy, the West German MG3.


The MG42 achieves a very fast rate of fire with a high damage potential. Its has relatively poor accuracy, however the proverbial wall of lead that it creates makes it deadly at close to medium range. Unavailable to be hand wielded, it is only mounted. They are commonly seen in occupation towers, defending German bases, bridges, fortifications, and mounted on various Nazi vehicles, such as the Sturmwagen.