Cartoon in the black market of Sean Devlin holding MP40


The MP40 is a German-manufactured submachine gun, common in the hands of Wehrmacht infantry patrols. It can also be used by Sean and Resistance members, albeit with the proper Resistance armaments upgrade. The gun is effective in close quarters, due to its automatic fire and moderate stopping power against regular infantry enemies, such as Wehrmacht or Kreigsmarine troopers.


The MP40 was used by Third Reich soldiers throughout World War II in almost every combat zone with brutal effectiveness. Compared to the American Thompson and Soviet PPSH-41 submachine guns, though, it lacked in CQB effectiveness. Its high magazine capacity was adored by most German soldiers, but was still outclassed by both the Thompson's and PPSH's available drum magazines.


The MP40 fires the 9mm pistol round from 32-round magazines. The weapon has very low accuracy at distance and in sustained automatic fire, but is effective in closer ranges. In game, it is best balanced out by a long-range rifle, such as a Steiner or Carbine Rifle. It is surpased in capabilities by the MP44 assault rifle.

Pros: Devastating at close range, cheap, high availability, spread is good for close-quarters

Cons: Spread is bad for long-range fighting, ineffective against Gestapo or Terror Squad, outclassed by MP44

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, the developers planned for a system to upgrade weapons as a way to reward players for playing in certain styles. The upgrade that was available for the MP40 came in the form of a stock, which is likely to help with recoil and accuracy. The MP40 with the stock is still in the games files and can only be accessed by spawning it in. This would classify as a Cut Weapon.