These are the Machine Guns & Sub Machine Guns in the Saboteur

Name Black Market Inventory Info

[MP40 SMG]

MP 40 Maschinenpistole

Mp40 MiniMp40

As common as hookers in the streets of Paris, and sees about as much action. An efficient Weapon in close range, but a poor choice for long range work.

Damage-2/10 , Rate of Fire-6/10

[MP44 MG]

STG 44 Sturmgewehr

Mg44 MiniMg44

A nasty piece o' German engineering. An efficient weapon. Standard among jackbooted Nazi fuckers.

Damage-6/10 , Rate of Fire-7/10

[Tommy MG]

M1A1 Thompson (custom receiver cut for drums)

Tommy MiniTommy

She'll clear a room faster then a fart in a dinner party. Best American invention since Rita Hayworth.

Damage-7/10 , Rate of Fire-7/10

[Viper SMG]

Sten SMG

Viper MiniViper

One of my personal favorites. She's quiet as a ghost, and quick enough to stop a kraut's heart before he can reach that whistle. A must for any serious collector.

Damage-7/10 , Rate of Fire-7/10

Terror MP60

Custom Machinegun modeled after the


TerrorMp60 MiniTerrorMp60

Ya gotta have brass balls just to pick up one of these monsters up. Kick's like mule, but she'll cut a jackboot into kraut confetti in two seconds.

Damage-9/10 , Rate of Fire-10/10