Sean takes aim at a Nazi general.

Nazi generals are a type of mostly free play target. They are one of the simpler targets, often flanked by a pair of guards they can be dispatched by a silenced weapon or a grenade can be thrown into a group to kill or distract the guard and potentially kill the general himself. They tend to be easy targets themselves as they are armed with only a Kruger Pistol. They tend to remain in one place and very rarely move from the protection of their escorts.

They all share the same character model and can be identified by a permanent suspicion circle and their distinctive black trench coat. Although they are the highest ranked German player, they are not saluted by regular Wermacht soldiers as Wermacht officers are.

However , Nazi Generals can be a pain in the neck to kill stealthly as they inmediate will sound the alarm on you.With a mixture of a disguise and use of explosives as a distraction for the guards , they can be attcked from behind.Killing 5 gives the Perk touch of Death.