SB PalomonoSedanca

The Palomino Sedanca is an exclusive car won in the VIP area of La Belle De Nuit with the Midnight Show DLC.

Background Edit

The Palomino Sedanca is classified as a civillian car and is only unlockable by winning the Wheel Game in the basement VIP section of La Belle.

Description Edit

"The sort of lass you'd expect to find at the Belle - Expensive, frilly and big around the curves. This car must be won as a prize in the Belle's VIP room."

Speed: 6

Acceleration: 5

A flashy upper class car with a lot to show. Performs as expected, but worth the ride as it performs better or just as well as most cars on the road and looks quite nice.

Screenshots Edit

Saboteur 2015-01-03 16-56-13-50
Saboteur 2015-01-03 16-56-28-24
Saboteur 2015-01-03 16-56-22-58

Trivia Edit

  • Despite that some cars can be spawned gold as a rare color, this is the only car in the game that is always gold when you spawn it.
  • This is the only car that can be unlocked and spawned but can't be found somewhere else in the game.
  • The games files refer to the car as "VH_CV_CR_HORCH853_Jules", implying that this car was either supposed to be Jule's or was once Jule's car.
  • The name Horch 853 also implies that it's based off the same car as the Gütmann,