The Panthéon as it appears on the in-game map.
Vital statistics
Type Landmark
Area Zone 3
Location Latin Quarter, Paris
Country France SB France

The Panthéon (French: Le Panthéon) is a famous monument in The Saboteur, that serves as a heavily-armed Nazi stronghold.

Description Edit

One of the tallest monuments in The Saboteur's Paris, the Panthéon is easily recognizable by its large colonnaded dome and neoclassical architecture.

Originally a church dedicated to St. Genevieve turned secular mausoleum, the Panthéon in The Saboteur has been occupied and heavily modified by the occupying Nazis to act as a weapons and munitions cache, as well as an elaborate artillery platform. The most noticeable sign of this conversion is the presence of a large artillery gun situated inside its damaged dome, facing North-West.

An assortment of anti-air weaponry lines the rooftop of the Panthéon, while 2 large statues of the Nazi eagle have been added atop the pediment and the lantern above the dome.

Surroundings Edit

The grounds of the Panthéon are encircled by a tall iron fence, with several Nazi towers and other installations present due to its status as a heavily-guarded restricted area. Several statues of Wehrmacht soldiers are located to the sides of the building, with at least one undergoing construction.

Multiple Nazis, armed with MG-42s, patrol the grounds, while several scaffolds evidence ongoing construction by the occupiers to further modify the building.

With the majority of Nazis present at the front entrance to the Panthéon, it is advisable for players to enter the compound by climbing over the fence to the sides of the building.

In-game events Edit

The Panthéon is the primary location where Dr. Kwong's mission, Deutschland Uber Phallus, takes place. Kwong hypothesizes that the installation of the massive howitzer in the Panthéon dome is not just a symbol of Nazi dominance in the city of Paris - but is also symbolic of the party's "obsession with sexual power"[1]. He urges Sean to destroy the cannon, in order to demoralize the occupying forces.

Sean infiltrates the Panthéon complex and manages to ascend to the weapons platform inside the dome. Planting several explosive charges, he successfully destroys the cannon and in doing so, restores the Will to Fight to the masses of the Latin Quarter.

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Quotes Edit

  • "Fuckin' beautiful! If Dr. Kwong was right, there's gonna be a lot of limp bratwurst in the beerhall tonight!" - Sean Devlin upon destroying the Über gun, Deutschland Uber Phallus


  1. "The foundation of the fascist psyche is a nexus of fear and control. The tension between these opposing forces manifests itself as an obsession with power: material, spiritual... and sexual power." Dr. Kwong - Deutschland Uber Phallus, The Saboteur
  2. "The cannon's massive barrel thrusts into the sky above Paris like an engorged pillar of masculine flesh... while the women of the city tremble in the eclipsing shadow." - Dr. Kwong, Deutschland Uber Phallus, The Saboteur
  3. "Whoa! Dr. Kwong wasn't wrong about the size of that thing. Ever hear of 'overcompensation?' " - Sean Devlin, Deutschland Uber Phallus, The Saboteur