SB PantherMK3

Medium tank. These are the beasts that conquered most of Europe.

Panzer MK. IIIEdit

The Panzer MK. III is one of the strongest tanks in the game, rarely seen but a sight to remember. The Panzer can be found in one location in the game, it's handling is fairly average and has a decent speed, but it's best and largest asset is it's cannon. It is a very powerful tank, coupled with a powerful armor to defend it from any opponent.

The Panzer was one of the most effective war machines for the Nazi regime and was incredibly useful in their conquest. Most of them would have been fighting at the front lines, which is why almost all of the tanks scattered around Paris are actively used for controlling the streets. This includes the AR-33, Wulf, and Flammwagen. All other tanks that can be found that are not being operated and can be entered are damaged tanks left in the countryside, this would include the Panzer.

This tank is almost never seen being used by enemies. They are never sent after the player during alarms and there are no occupied Panzers on the map. The only mission where it appears is "Symphony of Destruction", where there are several Panzers patrolling around the Louvre.

In-game, the Panzer is a powerful tank armed with a heavy cannon and a machinegun. It has heavy armor and is capable of resisting several explosions. As with the Flammenwagen and the Wulf, the Panzer is capable of damaging other vehicles by running into them. If a car crashes into the tank at high enough speed, the car may instantly explode.