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The Phoenix is a variation of the Aurora, Morini Autoworks finest creation, driven and owned by Sean himself.


The Aurora, designed by Vittore Morini and driven by Sean Devlin, was to be used for a race in a plot by The Resistance to take down their public race event and show the world the Nazi's being taken down by striking a large event watched by the rest of the world. In order to do this, they needed Sean who could win the race and destroy the finish line in front of the Effiel Tower. But since the Aurora was the only car that could catch up to Dierker's Silver Claw MK2, engineered by Doppelsieg Motorworks, was used to by Sean to nearly shame Germany in the face of the world before having his tire shot out by Dierker, it would be much too recognizable. Thus Vitorre redesigned the Aurora to perform the same but look visually different to not be recognizable. The modifications were done at La Belle by Vitorre himself.

After the race, Sean loses access to the Phoenix and is presumably turned back into the Aurora as Sean can not spawn the Phoenix.

The goal for the developers was to redesign the Aurora in a way that it was still recognizable to the player without being too obvious and looking different enough for it to not be immediately mistakable as the Aurora. The front of the Aurora overall looks very similar, but with a moving of the headlights to the bottom and a striking white, black, and red color scheme that looks more vicious than the Aurora's. From the back is is where the changes are made much more obvious, as the back is strikingly different. The back has a much heavier curvature and rounded look, with tight creases over the tires. The back end lowers closer to the ground in one piece where as the Aurora flattens out to a near 90 degree angle to the ground. The lights are similar, and with the white stripe there is also a bright Phoenix emblem on the back that helps really set the tone for this vehicle.


  • The Phoenix is one of the few vehicles that Sean can use but can not store in the garage, including the V1 Opel Truck, which can not fit in the garage, thus not given the option at all.
  • The Phoenix can only be used in the short period of time in which Sean is given access to it for missions and then it is never seen again.
  • Visually similar to the Aurora, interestingly chooses red, a very intimidating shade that shows even in areas with a low Will To Fight, like the Aurora does, but chooses the red, which in the game symbolizes the Nazi's and their oppression while the blue of the Aurora is symbolic of the Resistance. Further Sean typically makes it a point to not wear red when wearing Nazi disguises, taking the arm bands off and wearing his usual pants, some of the Nazi's pants having red stripes as well.
  • More information on the development of The Phoenix can be found on Jason Hazelroth's blog. Bless his heart!


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Phoenix during day

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Comparing the design from the back of the Aurora and the Phoenix

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Phoenix at night, retains it's full color

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Comparing the Phoenix and the Aurora head on