These are the Pistols featured in "The Saboteur":

Name Black Market Inventory Info

44. Pistol

Smith & Wesson Hand Ejector 2nd Model

.44Magnum Mini.44Magnum

One round from this Yankee cannon'll turn a Kraut's insides into shepard pie. Just watch your ammo, cause' she's a bitch to reload.

Damage-9/10 , Rate of Fire-5/10

Silenced Pistol

Walther PP 'Polizeipistole

w/ suppressor

SPistol MiniSPistol

Signature weapon of the English assassin.
Perfect for a silent headshot on a snoozing Kraut sentry.

Damage-5/10 , Rate of Fire-4/10

Kruger Pistol

Luger P08 Pistole Parabellum 1908

Kruger Minikruger

Light and compact, the Kruger is an excellent
accessory for any German disguise.
She doesn't pack much punch,
so make sure you aim for the head

Damage-4/10 , Rate of Fire-4/10

Raum Pistol

Mauser C96


Raum MiniRaum

The big dog of German pistols- bark as loud as hell and bite to match. Unlike the Kruger pistol there's no need to go for the headshot.

Damage-5/10 , Rate of Fire-4/10

Executioner Pistol

Full-auto Customized Luger P-O8

Executioner MiniExecutioner

Kurt Dierker may have been motherless asshole, but he packed one mean motherfucker of a gun.
A very useful souvenir.

Damage-9/10 , Rate of Fire-9/10