Rifles are carried by Wehrmacht infantry, and at a long range, are more powerful but slower than machine guns or shotguns. However, sniper rifles are more powerful than normal rifles.

Name Black Market Inventory Info

[Hunting Rifle]

Henry-Martini .22

Huntingrifle MiniHuntingrifle

Suitable for huntin' birds and such, but if it's a Nazi's head your lookin' to mount on the wall, look for a long gun with more punch.

Damage-5/10 , Rate of Fire-1/10

Carbine Rifle

Kar98k Rifle

Carbine Minicarbine

Standard kraut infantry rifle. She's got a long reach, but she's not much use in close up fights.

Damage-6/10 , Rate of Fire-3/10

[Steiner Rifle]

Gewehr 98 Rifle

Steiner Ministeiner

She's semi-automatic and steady, but one shot is all she needs. Perfect for shooting from rooftops.

Damage-5/10 , Rate of Fire-4/10


Shotguns are carried by heavy Wehrmacht soldiers and Terror Squad officers, and are very powerful at only a very close range.

Name Black Market Inventory Info

[Double Shotgun]

Merkel 147 Shotgun

Doublesg Minidoublesg

Weapon of choice for farmers who want to make me marry their daughters. Short range and slow to reload, but enough fire power to blow any unlucky bachelor out of his socks.

Damage-7/10 , Rate of Fire-2/10


Winchester M12 Shotgun

Trenchgun Minitrenchgun

When the fighting is door-to-door, the trenchgun is a Saboteur's best friend. Just don’t shoot until you see the whites of their beady blue eyes.

Damage-6/10 , Rate of Fire-3/10

Terror shotgun  Modern Shotgun

SB SideTerrShotgun

First time I found myself on the wrong end o' this monster, I nearly pissed me pants.
The sound alone is enough to send hard men running for their lives. A true tide-turner.

Despite there being a tactical light on the front of the shotgun, no visible light is emitted.

Damage-10/10 , Rate of Fire-8/10

Sniper RiflesEdit

SS Snipers are armed with Sniper Rifles, which are stronger than any other gun, other than Special Weapons. However, ammunition for them is limited and expensive.

Name Black Market Inventory Info

Scoped carbine Scoped Kar 98k

SB ScopedCarbine

Nothin' like the sight of kraut general's smirking face through the scope of a high powered rifle. Zoom in when you are ready to take the shot.

Damage-5/10 , Rate of Fire-4/10

[Scoped Steiner]

Scoped Gewehr 98

Scopedsteiner MiniScopedsteiner

An impressive combination of speed and precision. The semi-auto Scoped Steiner
can put more lead on target then the Scoped Carbine.

Damage-9/10 , Rate of Fire-3/10

Terror scoped rifle

Custom Built Sniper Rifle

Terrorscope Miniterrorscope

The perfect tool for long range murder. Set up on a high rooftop, keep your head
down, and let the games begin, So easy, it almost feels like cheatin'.

Damage-10/10 , Rate of Fire-10/10