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Saarbrücken as seen from the South.
Saarbrücken, alongside Doppelsieg, as it appears on the in-game map.
Vital statistics
Type Town
Area Saarbrücken
Location Saarland
Country Nazi Germany Nazi flag.jpg
"Not much farther now. I can smell the petrol fumes from here."

Saarbrücken is the capital of the German state of Saarland and the only accessible location in Nazi Germany in The Saboteur. It is home to the Saarbrücken race track and Doppelsieg Motorworks. As the focus of the prologue, Saarbrücken is the location of several key plot events in-game.


Saarbrücken is located North-East of Paris, just over the Franco-German border. The town itself comprises of a northern district, contained within tall city walls, outside of which lies the southern district, which adjoins the Saarbrücken race track. Architecturally, Saarbrücken is typically Germanic, featuring a heavy emphasis on half-timbered construction when compared to the buildings in neighbouring France.

Saarbrücken is surrounded by high, forested mountains, and is close to two large bodies of water; one to the western edge of town, and the largest located directly behind Doppelsieg Motorworks. A smaller lake, alongside a hydroelectric plant, is located at the border control to the south of town.

As with many of the locations in France, Saarbrücken is home to numerous Nazi installations and freeplay targets, which can be destroyed by Sean should the player return to Saarbrücken later in the game.

Nazi forces patrol the town with several armour divisions and fortified emplacements. Law enforcement is also provided by the local police, who are known to pursue suspected criminals with their police cars.


Saarbrücken is home to several locales useful for those visiting to participate in or watch the numerous races that take place at the town's race track.

The Red Ox Bar is a tavern and inn located in the center of town, within the city walls next to the southern gate. It serves as a popular location for racers and travellers looking for a place to drink or rest.

The Saarbrücken Hotel is a large hotel located in the north of town, that provides accommodation for visitors. Members of Team Morini were guests at the hotel, during the Saarbrücken Grand Prix.

Events of The Saboteur

Saarbrücken is only freely accessible to the player during the prologue. The player controls Sean as he, Jules, Vittore and Veronique travel to Saarbrücken for the Saarbrücken Grand Prix.

Sean drives Jules and the Aurora to Germany, Vittore and Veronique having gone ahead. During the drive, the two members of Team Morini talk of their excitement of attending the race - although Sean finds himself worrying about his proficiency as a race driver, and Jules worrying more about the Nazi regime and the threat of an impending war breaking out.

Driving through Lorraine, Team Morini eventually reaches the border control to Germany. They pass through without incident, and soon find themselves in the heart of Saarbrücken, where they head to the Red Ox Bar to meet Vittore and Veronique. With the Aurora left with Jules's cousin Javier, Team Morini is reunited in the Inn.

The jubilation of Team Morini is cut short by the arrival of Team Doppelsieg, led by Kurt Dierker. A tense face-off between the two teams eventually erupts into an all-out brawl, with Sean and Jules fending off numerous Doppelsieg goons. However, the pair flee when the owner of the inn calls the local police. Upon running into the road outside, Sean is nearly run over by Skylar Saint Claire, a friend from his past. Taking the wheel of Skylar's Drake, the trio outrun the local Gestapo through the streets of Saarbrücken. The three return to the Saarbrücken Hotel, where they retire for the evening.

The following morning, Sean finds Skylar gone, and heads to the race track with Jules for the main event. Defying the expectations of all present, Sean and the Morini Aurora manages to take the lead from Kurt Dierker in the Doppelsieg Silver Claw. Dierker, incensed by Sean's success, shoots out one of Sean's wheels using his Executioner Pistol which costs Sean the race. Outraged by this act of cheating and unable to confront Dierker on the winner's circle, Sean and Jules decide to tail Dierker to exact revenge.

The pair follow Dierker through Saarbrücken, eventually arriving at the infamous Doppelsieg Motorworks. Scaling the fence and avoiding detection, the two put their plan of revenge into action. Hijacking Dierker's Silver Claw, Sean drives the car off a cliff towards the back of the complex and into the lake. Though initially satisfied by pulling off their prank, Sean and Jules are eventually surrounded by Franziska and several Nazis, and get captured.

Dierker brutally interrogates the pair, under the pretence that Sean and Jules are spies sent by Bishop to unveil the secrets of the facility. Unsatisfied by Sean's insistence that the pair aren't spies, and Sean's rebelliousness, Dierker executes Jules. Enraged by this act, Sean manages to break free of his restraints and attack Dierker, but is swiftly subdued once more. Later, Sean manages to escape his binds once more and escapes the Motorworks, gunning down several Nazis in his path. Sean hijacks a Sturmwagen with the intent to escape Germany and return to France. While he initially believes the pursuing Nazi forces to be after him, Sean soon realises that the Nazis are actually crossing the border and beginning their invasion of France.

Though the player may return to Saarbrücken at any point after completing the prologue, by eliminating or evading the guards at the border and opening the gates with the switch in the guardhouse, Saarbrücken only becomes the focus of the story once more during Act III. Sean is flown to the north of Saarbrücken by Skylar, so that he may enter the Doppelsieg Motorworks and rescue the kidnapped Dr. Kessler. Upon locating the doctor, Sean escorts and protects Kessler as he sabotages and ultimately destroys the Cyclotron he was forced to construct under duress by the Nazis.

The ensuing blast heavily damages Doppelsieg Motorworks, and Sean is then able to return to Paris with Dr. Kessler.


  • As there is no Resistance presence in Germany, it can be difficult to get away from the Nazis when an alarm escalates. This is also due to the nature of the area since the majority of the city features narrow, claustrophobic streets with a heavy troop presence.
  • Should the player choose to return to Saarbrücken and then want to escape back to France, it can be problematic. If the player approaches the same gate they entered from, they'll realize there's no button or guards to open it from that side. Despite this, dying and respawning at a headquarters isn't the only option. By walking up the hills by the gate to the player's left, they can walk along to to the edge, then to the waterfall and drop down. Alternatively, it is possible to jump the gate via the hill and fight your way out from there.


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