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"Nothin' to see here. Nope. Nobody special. Ignore the mick with the bomb".
-Sean Devlin

Sean Devlin (a.k.a. "Irishman", "The Saboteur") is the main character in The Saboteur. Sean was born in Ireland, but he fled in the night to France as he was wanted by the Irish government for a number of crimes. His father was probably murdered in a fire caused by Sean's enemies back in Ireland.

He was a professional race car driver and mechanic until his best friend Jules Rousseau was killed by race car driver and Nazi agent Kurt Dierker. As a result, he committed himself to getting revenge on Dierker by joining the Resistance.



Sean's history is not detailed throughout the game, the only known history is that Sean grew up on a farm and his father was killed in a deliberate house fire as a result of Sean's enemies during his troubled times in Ireland. It's possible he at times went into Northern Ireland to participate in races. He also met Skylar Saint Claire in Monaco. He fled to France in the night where the Italian business entrepreneur and mechanic Vittore Morini took him in as his son and employee of Morini Racing Team. During his time working here, Sean befriended fellow mechanic Jules Rousseau, forging a brotherly friendship. Sean became romantically interested with Jules' sister, Veronique Rousseau, who apparently did not feel the same way about him.

In 1940, the Saarbrücken Grand Prix was taking place and Vittore trusted Sean, a reliable mechanic to race the Aurora, Morini Racing Team' pride and joy. After driving into Germany with Jules and winning a bar fight with some Nazi goons who were employed at the shadowy automobile manufacturer, Doppelsieg Motorworks, Sean was reunited with Skylar, who rode with him and Jules away from the Gestapo police and slept with Sean the night before the Grand Prix. Before morning, Sean noticed Skylar was gone and felt used. He and Jules drove out to the race track, where Sean had to race against the infamous Nazi, Kurt Dierker, whom he and Jules fought in the bar the previous night. After assuming first place roughly half way into the race, Dierker shot out the front left tire of the Aurora causing Sean to spin out and winning the cup for himself. Feeling the need for revenge, Sean and Jules tailed the cheating snake back to Doppelsieg Motorworks, where Sean got behind the wheel of Dierkers race car and sent it off a cliff. Content with their revenge, Sean and Jules were about to go home happy men, but were caught and captured by Gestapo agents. The sneaky duo were tortured deep in the automobile factory by an angered Dierker, who after failing to extract information from them both decided to kill Jules with several shots from his Kruger pistol.

Sean managed to escape Doppelsieg Motorworks alive and got out of Saarbrücken in one piece, but was shocked to see Nazi battalions marching and driving into France on the way to the Morini farm and Resistance fighters in battle with soldiers. Sean got to the farm, only to see it burned down by Nazis, and Vittore being beaten by an officer. He rushed over and killed the officer and Vittore told Sean that inside the farm, Veronique was trapped. Sean killed the Nazis and saved Veronique, revealing to her the tragedy that befell her brother. The three drove into Paris and paid a visit to La Belle Du Nuit which was owned by the Rosseaus, where Sean lived for the next few months.

Joining the Resistance

Three months later, Sean was confronted by French book writer Luc Gaudin, who had heard of Sean. He persuaded him to help him destroy a Nazi fueling station, inspiring their first area of Paris. After returning to the Belle for some long sleep, Sean met Luc to talk about the night before, but before they could finish, a distraught Veronique rushed over, informing Sean that the Nazis were arresting suspected rebels and they took Vittore. Sean and Luc made their way to the slaughterhouse where the suspects were imprisoned, only for Luc to remember that the resistance had provided the British RAF with high value Nazi targets, one of those being the slaughterhouse. Quickly, Sean stealthily killed a lone soldier without weaponry and took his uniform so that he could infiltrate the meat factory undetected. He quitely killed the jailor once inside and released the prisoners, Vittore, Father Denis and Santos. The alarm was sounded from outside and in ran a wounded Luc with a bullet hole in his stomach, informing Sean that they had no time left, that the air raid began. Sean quickly lead them all to the basement, where they were safe from the bombing. The resistance used the basement for their headquarters and Luc was ready for their second move. Sean, Luc, Vittore and other prisoners hide in a cellar. All have escaped, but Luc has been wounded. Veronique who has arrived to a cellar says that antibiotics which can be got at dealer Santos rescued by Sean are necessary. Santos concludes the bargain with Sean and gives it medicines. Sean kills in the meantime the informant who has given out Vittore to nazis. After Luc has recovered he asked Devlin to release captured French soldiers. After that the French resistance wakes up and in Paris, with a staff in a slaughterhouse cellar in La Villet. Veronique has joined it too. In the meantime it has sent to Skylar news, in Havre. Having arrived to Le Havre, Skylar put Devlin to sleep. Having regained consciousness, Devlin sees Bishop, boss of Skylar on whom Sean was asked by Dierker. Bishop has suggested Devlin to steal a chest from the mausoleum in exchange for the promise to burn on it the file and to give out Dierker. Devlin consults, Bishop has kept a word. Through numerous protection Sean breaks to a dirigible balloon, on which Dieker should take off for Berlin. But Dierker has noticed Sean and has started to shoot. Bullets have got to the motor of a dirigible balloon and it has lit up. Dierker has jumped out with a parachute, and Devlin has survived, as the dirigible balloon has fallen in the sea.

Return to Paris

When Devlin has returned to Paris, Luc has told that from the next occupational zone local insurgents want will join Resistance. Devlin has arrived to the western Paris and has contacted insurgents. Devlin has released their agent Joseph Briman and insurgents of the western Paris have joined Resistance. In the meantime Bishop has offered Devlin one more operation. It appears that at factory Doppelzig (where Jules has been killed) workings out of an atomic bomb are spent. But the chief engineer of the atomic program of Klauss Kessler wants to defect to the Allies. It is necessary to mine the Railway bridge, get on the train where the scientist will go and to remove it from a train before it will blow up on the bridge. Devlin did it, now it is necessary to deliver only Kessler in a safe place. Sean carries it in La Villet, but the scientist has told that will go to London only with the daughter. In the meantime insurgents to the south from Seine have decided to join Resistance. Sean and Luc arrived to southern Paris to meet the leader of local insurgents. After a meeting they go to a staff in catacombs and there plan to get rid of large Nazi officials who will be present on the Parisian race. It is necessary, that Devlin has crossed finishing line the first and by the mined car has blown up a tribune of general Ekhardt. After that fighters of Resistance simultaneously will strike in different places on German positions. But to win race it is possible only on "Aurora". Vittore has told where it is also Devlin has stolen it. After it has stolen from a staff of Gestapo daughter of Kessler Maria and delivered it in La Villet. But the traitor has informed on it to Germans and they have attacked a slaughterhouse. Resistance has beaten off their attacks, Germans have receded to rearrange. Veronique and Luc have decided to remain to give Devlin and Skylar chance to bring Kessler into the catacombs. All has passed according to plan, but Veronique was captured. Luc can't rescue her because he can't expend the men or resources, but Sean has decided it to make alone. By the help of Briman, he learns where she is. Veronique was scheduled to be executed along with other "spies and traitors". Sean stops the execution and rescues Veronquie.

Sean later won the race and has blew up the German leadership, but Germans attacked Belle dе Nouit where the Kesslers were. Having arrived there, Sean has found out Veronique's parents and Briman dead, but Vittore dying. Before death has told that the traitor is Santos. His lasts words were "". Devlin arrives to catacombs and rescues the Resistance from German attack, but Luc was lost. Skylar says that it is necessary to rescue the Kesslers.


The Kesslers are hold at factory Doppelzig. Skylar has brought there Veronique and Devlin. They have rescued the Kesslers, Sean has destroyed factory and they have returned to Paris. There people on all city have risen against Germans and have tired out them on the Eiffel Tower. Dierker in the same place. After sharing a kiss with Veronique, Sean climbed atop the Tower, now in disarray as the many Wehrmacht commanders begin committing mass-suicides in the wake of the French rebellion, and encountered an insane Dierker. He attempts to shoot Sean, but realizes he has no bullets. Sean grabs a pistol and has the choice to either shoot Dierker or simply let him fall off the Tower. Sean climbs back down and meets Veronique, whom is joyed at his safety and Dierker's death. She asks if "it is all over", to which Sean replies "No. It's not over...I'm just getting started."

Later in Life

Although it is not known what happened after the cliffhanger, as confirmed by the trailers surrounding Sean, he is still alive today as an old man, many trailers surrounding Sean resolve around mock interviews to give the impression of a mockumentary, In "Irish Fireworks", after World War II, he moved to L.A "Charles Williams" (Sean's mechanic) describes a party where "Fireworks where always going off" and would fire a green rocket to celebrate St Patrick's Day. In "Pope Mobile", he took credit for inventing the "Pope Mobile" after John Paul II was almost assassinated, Sean was angered and decided to build a vehicle for future popes however the design was so outlandish, Sean was forced to redesign the vehicle after that a secret ceremony was celebrated.


Sean is a tough Irishman. He is a heavy smoker and drinker and tough in a fight, but suave and a perpetual ladies' man. He is somewhat of a reluctant hero, replying "This isn't my country" when asked to join the Resistance, but soon he actually gets heavily involved in it. He is also shown to be incredibly caring, as when Jules dies, he is shown to be deeply affected by it, then and throughout the game. He is loyal to his friends and will do anything to protect or avenge them.



Jules was Sean's best friend, and was like a brother to him. Sean was deeply affected by Jules' death, and was determined to hunt down the one who killed him.


Sean and Skylar first met in Monaco, and are former sexual partners. She is a British agent working for Bishop, and tries to recruit Sean. They always get each other into trouble, and flirt a lot, until Sean becomes involved with Veronique.


Veronique is Jules' sister, and Sean has been in love with her since they were children. She blames him for Jules' death, but later learns to trust him again and they become romantically involved.


Vittore is Sean's mechanic and taught him everything he knows about racing. They are good friends, with Sean saving Vitorre after he is captured by the Nazis.


Luc is a member of the Resistance, and recruits Sean. He often leads Sean into dangerous situations, but always offers rewards.


Sean wears a brown pea coat, green cargo pants, and a driving cap/flat cap with a satchel bag on his back. He has a somewhat stereotypical Irish accent one akin to the areas of Cork or Dublin.