Silver Claw MK1
SB SilverClawMK1
Vital statistics
Faction Affiliation Nazi
Manufacturer Doppelsieg Motorworks
Category Race Car
Accessibility Accessible

The Silver Claw MK1 is a variation of the SIlver Dart owned by Kurt Dierker and used by him in the Saarbrücken Grand Prix.

Background Edit

The Silver Claw MK1 is a car designed by Doppelsieg Motorworks. It is a variation of the Silver Dart, a commonly available race car used to win races by the Doppelsieg Crew. The Silver Claw MK1 handles very similarly, if not identical in game, but stands out in appearance. The Silver Dart is found with a solid one color silver paint, while the Silver Claw MK1 has a vivid two tone with a sharp red that sticks out in areas with low Will To Fight. This is possibly to help symbolize and represent Dierker's power and intimidation.

The Silver Claw MK1 is owned and driven by Kurt Dierker. It's seen at the Saarbrücken Grand Prix where Dierker shot out Sean Devlin's tire. The Silver Claw MK1 holds a strong story relevance as it is the precursor to the Silver Claw MK2, Kurt Dierker's main car custom made for him and seen later in the game. The Silver Claw MK1 is a modification of the Silver Dart made specifically for Dierker, and as Dierker was nearly defeated by Sean with the Aurora, his Silver Claw MK1 would no longer cut it, leading to his new vehicle created by Doppelsieg Motorworks.

The Silver Claw MK1 can be obtained by obtaining the Lead Foot perk.

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