The Silver Claw MK2 is a car custom made for Kurt Dierker by Doppelsieg Motorworks. It was specifically made to win races for the Nazi party to gain respect and honor for Germany before and during the war in a form of propaganda.

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Dierker nearly lost his race at the Saarbrücken Grand Prix to Sean Devlin and the Aurora, it was through shooting out the Aurora's tire that he was able to win, with his special car, the Silver Claw MK1, a modification of the publicly available Silver Dart, After his near defeat, Doppelsieg created Dierker's custom car, the Silver Claw MK2, which makes it's appearance and show down near the end of the game as Sean and Dierker face off in a final race. Despite it's substantially improved engineering, it was not able to defeat the Aurora, modified into the Phoenix to avoid recognition for the race, or Sean's racing ability.

The Silver Claw MK2 is one of the fastest cars in the game, though still doesn't match the Aurora's top speed. While the speed is similar, where the Silver Claw MK2 really lacks is in it's acceleration. Though despite this, once it hits a certain speed, the car automatically activates a small booster. In addition, it also has nitrous boosters that can be used as well, the same as the Aurora has except that this is installed automatically, where as the Aurora has to unlock it. Though it lacks the performance of the Aurora, it is one of the best vehicles in the game.

This vehicle can not be found until the end of the game, after the last mission it can be found under the Eiffel Tower waiting to be taken and brought to the Garage.

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  • The design for the Silver Claw MK2 was based on Dierker's personality and appearance. The detailings of it's design are explained by it's creator, Pandemic concept artist Jason Hazelroth on his blog.
  • The Silver Claw MK2 is one of 3 vehicles that have nitrous boosters. This includes the Aurora and the Pheonix, though despite that other cars have nitrous boosters, the Silver Claw MK2 is the only car that has automated boosters in addition to the main nitrous functionality.
  • The Silver Claw MK2 is found at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower after the mission Angel of Death but can only be acquired in the garage by completing the final racing perk.