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Silver Claw mk. II
SB SilverClawMkII.png
"Dierker's car. Not a bad ride if you're a bloody cheating shite."
Vital statistics
Faction Affiliation Nazi
Manufacturer Doppelsieg Motorworks
Category Race Car
Accessibility Fully Collectible, requires "Godspeed" perk.

The Silver Claw Mk. II is an upgraded version of the Silver Claw, and is the personal vehicle of Kurt Dierker during the later events of The Saboteur.

Top Speed: 111kph

Acceleration: 10/10

Weight: 700kg

Strength: 2/10

Repair Price (Contraband): 100


The Silver Claw mk. II is a single-seat racing vehicle. It features a completely different chassis from the mk. I, no longer using the same body as the Silver Dart. Though it matches its predecessor in top speed, the mk. II has a maxed-out acceleration statistic and also comes equipped with nitrous to further boost its already impressive acceleration.

The chassis is completely silver, much like the Silver Dart, and features the racing number 18 on the sides.


The Claw mk. II is a car custom-built for Kurt Dierker by Doppelsieg Motorworks. Larger, heavier and more advanced than the Silver Claw, it was designed to win races for the Nazi party, with the hopes of boosting German prestige.

Following the events at the Saarbrücken Grand Prix, it is likely that Dierker had Doppelsieg design an improved vehicle for his use. Such improvements would be required given that Dierker was overtaken by Sean Devlin in the Aurora, and he only managed to win by shooting out one of Sean's tyres.

The mk. II would eventually see its debut during the Nazi-held Paris Grand Prix, with the occupying forces hoping that Dierker's performance in the vehicle would secure further prestige for Germany - while crushing the hopes of those resisting. Unbeknownst to Dierker, Sean also participated in the race in the Aurora, disguised as the Phoenix. Despite the improvements made to his vehicle, Dierker was once again bested by Sean.

Kurt would abandon the Silver Claw mk. II beneath the Eiffel Tower, following the explosion caused by the bomb hidden inside the Phoenix. Though Sean is able to hijack the vehicle, he must win all the countryside races in order to unlock the "God Speed" perk, which permanently adds the vehicle to his Garage.