'Sniping' is a Perk section in The Saboteur, it contains the following:



Eagle Eye



Kill 5 Nazis using a sniper scope

Score 15 headshots using a sniper scope

Score 10 'Double Kills' using a sniper scope


Reduced drift while using a scoped rifle

Reduced recoil while using a scoped rifle

Unlock Terror scoped rifle in the shop

Game Info'
How-To-Use Passsive Passive Buy at the rifle section in the black market

Strategies: Find a Nazi border gate and there should be two Nazis behind each other standing still. Equip your sniper rifle and try to get the heads lined up and fire, but not from too far away or it will only kill one of them.

It is enough to kill one soldier and hit second in one shot - if second is killed by second shot it counts against this perk. Also AA guns are great targets as there are always two soldiers. One will be standing still and the second second walking. Wait until you have them in one line and shot.