The Steiner is a semi-automatic rifle in The Saboteur. It is a very good upgrade from the Carbine rifle as it is more powerful, has a better rate of fire, and a better effective range. It is one of the most powerful weapons in the game and has great accuracy.

Game Description: "She's semi-automatic and steady, but one shot is all she needs. Perfect for shooting from rooftops."

Damage-5/10 , Rate of Fire-4/10

Game Description: Edit

The Steiner is a very effective weapon. It is highly accurate and powerful, often killing basic troops, such as the Rifle Grunt, in one hit even if shot in the torso. It's accuracy is incredibly useful for scoring head shots on troops that are more difficult to put down, and due to this, it can be a great tool for taking down troops from a longer range. It is also a good improvement over the Carbine Rifle because even without well placed head shots, it is more powerful than the Carbine rifle and has a much faster rate of fire, making it more effective in closer range as well.

The rifle is based off the Gewehr 98 Rifle, even being referred to as a Gewehr in the games files.

Scoped Variant: Edit

While the Steiner is very powerful and effective, it's accuracy really shines with the Scoped Steiner. The Scope allows the player to place very accurate shots on long distance targets. One of it's main advantages is it's power because if a head shot is not made, the power from the weapon itself very well may kill the soldier if shot in the torso or otherwise anyways.

The Scoped Steiner is one of the best snipers in the game, only rivaled by the Terror Scoped Rifle, a weapon custom made for Sean Devlin.