SB Sturmwagen

The more common standard issue Sturmwagen.

SB ArmedSturmwagen

The armed Sturmwagen, only found parked near checkpoints and higher level alarms.

The Sturmwagen, the main patrol vehicle deployed by the Nazi's is the most common enemy vehicle in the game.

Background Edit

The Sturmwagen is capable of making tight turns, has a fast acceleration, and a decently high top speed. This makes it a great candidate for high speed chases and a great early game vehicle, at a time where most vehicles on the road are sluggish and poor maneuvering. The Sturmwagen is very common as it is deployed on Alarm 1, and some can be found parked in certain locations, often near Nazi checkpoints.

When during an alarm, the Sturmwagen is deployed to the area Sean was last seen, often letting out three Rifle Grunts or Machine Gun Grunts and the driver leaves the area, only coming back to pick up the soldiers after they are done searching. This makes for an easy way to get the Sturmwagen without bringing about much attention, the player can easily fire a weapon or throwing a grenade when near another enemy that can not see them, a car will be deployed, and the player can kill the driver once he has driven away from the other grunts.

The vehicle is based on the Volkswagen Kübelwagen. A patrol vehicle used by the Germans in WWII.

Variations Edit

The main form of the Sturmwagen is used to carry 3 troops, to the front lines, or to suspicion zones, and driven off. It is easily found during Alarm 1 and has no offensive measures before deploying it's troops.

By alarm two, the Armed Sturmwagen is deployed, which is vastly more dangerous. It can hold 3 troops, but it's main role is as an offensive attack vehicle with it's mounted MG42. This can be incredibly dangerous on foot if Sean takes too many bullets, and if not shaken can do a lot of damage to a vehicle over time. These Armed Sturmwagens can also be found parked in Paris, but are not very common. This car can be difficult to store in the Garage as the most common way of getting it is inherently dangerous, especially since Sean would need to get close to a turret.

Both Sturmwagens have a Siren that is used during an Alarm but can't be used by Sean.

As well as the main Sturmwagens, the much less common are the Race variants of the Sturmwagen, used by the Resistance due to it's speed and acceleration. It performs the same as the normal Sturmwagen, but visually is different as it contains Resistance symbols on it. It is also interesting because it can be found in convertible form without a turret mounted, where as you can never find this with an ordinary Nazi Sturmwagen.

Screenshots Edit

Saboteur 2015-01-05 20-59-00-07

This is The Resistance's converted Race Sturmwagen, this one is a convertible.

Saboteur 2015-01-09 20-55-26-13

This is the main Sturmwagen, mostly harmless, made for deploying troops.

Saboteur 2015-01-09 21-48-34-52

This is the Armed Sturmwagen variant. Dangerous on the road and a pain if not dealt with.

Saboteur 2014-11-11 22-50-05-86

This is the non-convertible form of the Race Sturmwagen, it's easy to recognize in low Will To Fight zones due to it's bright blue symbols.