The Terror MP60 is a powerful and fast firing machine gun with high damage and equally high recoil. This is arguably the most powerful weapon for use in close quarters. It makes a distinctive sound when firing. Though it is highly effective at short and medium range in short bursts, its high recoil and low accuracy tends to inhibit long range fire. Despite its massive firepower, some players may prefer to use the Tommy MG, as it uses standard Machinegun ammunition that is much easier and cheaper to obtain than the ammunition for the Terror MP60.


Rate of Fire-10/10


Unlocked after the mission Boiling Point and found in the hands of the Terror Squad ,


With a wooden stock, all metal reciever, and one-hundred and fifty round drum, this weapon would be excessivly heavy (a Thompson Submachine Gun fitted with a loaded one-hundred round drum magazine weighs in at nearly 20 pounds).