Terror Weapons are Weapons used by the Nazi Terror Squad. There are 4 Terror Weapons:

Name Black Market Inventory Type Info

Terror MP60


TerrorMp60 MiniTerrorMp60 Machine Guns

Ya gotta have brass balls just to pick up one of these monsters up.
Kicks like mule, but she'll cut a jackboot into kraut confetti in two seconds.

Damage-9/10 , Rate of Fire-10/10

Terror scoped rifle

Custom Built Sniper Rifle

Terrorscope Miniterrorscope Sniper Rifle

The perfect tool for long range murder. Set up on a high rooftop, keep your head down, and let the game begin. So easy, it almost feels like cheatin'.

Damage = 10/10 (Kills all enemies in one shot), Rate of Fire = 10/10

Terror shotgun

Modern Shotgun

SB SideTerrShotgun

First time I found myself on the wrong end o' this monster, I nearly pissed me pants.The sound alone is enough to send hard men running for their lives. A true tide-turner.

Damage-10/10 , Rate of Fire-8/10

Terror flammenwerfer

WW2 Prototype flammenwerfer

SB Flammenwerfer
SB SideFlammen
Special Weapons

Surprise a goosestepper with this and they'll learn that bastards burn better than books.

Damage-10/10 , Rate of Fire-/10


  • Despite the Terror Scoped Rifle being classified as a Terror weapon, it is never used by the Terror Squad as it is a custom built rifle for Sean to be supplied via the Black Market.