An automatic and semi-auto shotgun, incredibly effective at close range but its damage drops at medium to long range. Targets outside of a single shot kill range can be eliminated with several shots, the cumalitive damage of the pellets can kill weaker soldiers. Only Terror Officers are armed with this deadly weapon. Their habit of charging towards Sean can quickly cause high levels of damage. It is advised to take cover and switch to a weapon with high damage.

While the Terror Shotgun is expensive and ammo is difficult to find, it is extremely powerful at close range. It also has the benefit of using a detachable magazine, making reloading quicker than other shotguns.


Rate of Fire-8/10


Unlocked after the mission Boiling point but can be found on Terror Squad Officers in the Fahrenheit 450 mission.


  • Most likely based on a modern automatic shotgun (AA-12,Saiga 12).