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These are the weapons on The Saboteur.


  • Kruger Pistol - Basic pistol. Remember to aim for the head to compensate for its low power.
  • Silenced PPK - Same as Kruger but silenced.
  • .44 Pistol - Powerful sidearm. Power is offset by its slow reload time and hard kick.


  • Carbine Rifle - More powerful than the Hunting Rifle and with a larger clip.
  • Hunting Rifle - Slow rate of fire but powerful enough to kill the average jackboot.
  • Sniper Rifle - Scoped rifle, found on most SS Sniper units.


  • MP40 - Basic Nazi soliders weapon. Good for clearing a room and close-range firefights.
  • MP44 - Upgraded version of the MP40, good for assaulting.
  • Terror Rifle - Wielded by the Terror Squad, use it for devastating Nazis and evenly matching yourself against Terror Squad members.


  • Shotgun - Regular shotgun, use it for close-range fights against the Nazis.
  • Double-Barrel - 2 bullet clip, use only as a last resort.
  • Terror shotgun - Hard kick but devastating at short range.


  • Grenades - Nazi Stielhandgrenate, use it to cause distractions and destroy crowds.
  • TNT - Basic explosive, use it for your everyday destroying needs.
  • RDX - Same as TNT but can be remote-detonated.
  • Super RDX - Extremely powerful explosive capable of levelling city blocks.
  • Bomb - Found on No Man Zones,it's explosion is comparable to that of Super RDX. Found only as a bug.