"The Wulfe" was a Nazi captain stationed in Paris, a confidant of Kurt Dierker, and was head of the military security in the industrial sector of Paris. He was also the German whom Francine, left Duval Mingo for. Francine's love for "the wulfe", had her replace the photo of Mingo for him.

When Mingo had Sean Devlin assassinate Francine, the Wolfe in a mad thirst of revenge start a bloody attack on the people of Paris, many people, both innocent and guilty were shot. Mingo had sent in his best men to kill "the wolfe", however he didn't tell them of the SS troops protecting the wolfe. Sean in order to gain the trust of Mingo came to help, by covering Mingo's men, and taking out the German snipers covering "the Wolfe." After the snipers deaths, Sean, and Mingo's men charged through the German defenses, and the Wolfe was killed ending his reign of terror.