Trenchgun Saboteur

Black market cartoon of Sean Devlin holding a trenchgun


The Trenchgun is the premier pump action shotgun of the game. It has incredibly high power at point-blank range, but has an obvious disadvantage at medium to long ranges because of shell spread. It is used by the Wehrmacht Heavy Soldiers the most heavily of any enemy, and is the only weapon of the said. Available to Sean and the Resistance with the proper purchased weapons upgrade, it is a valuable CQB weapon.


Although its exact model designation is unknown, it appears similar to the M1912 trenchgun manufactured for the U.S. Military. This would make it unlikely that it would be used en masse by German troops, although the Nazis did use weapons captured from its enemies. However, the U.S. was not an enemy of Germany at the time of the game, making it very likely that this is a weapon that was on the black market.