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-Vittore's last words to Sean

Vittore Morini was the leader of the Morini Racing Team. Vittore grew up on the streets of Milan before he became a professional race car driver and eventually owned his own race car team. His bond with Sean is better than a bond between father and son. Vittore was killed in the Belle along with everyone else when the Germans attacked it. Vittore was a father figure for Sean, who worked together with Sean and Jules for his own car design and building business. Vittore designed the Aurora himself, for which Sean switched places with Jules, going from mechanic to racer to bring the Aurora to victory at the Saarbrücken Grand Prix. Vittore has proven himself to be an expert car builder with the Aurora, rivaling and even beating the works of Doppelsieg Motorks. Despite this, his claims to have have designed the Beta Romero 12C, which Sean denies the likeliness of the claim. With their work with the Aurora, and their close relationships, Jules and Vittore were Sean's closest thing to family after leaving Ireland, and with the death of Jules, his relationship with Vittore and Jule's sister, Veronique, were strained heavily by his drinking. Despite this, Vittore continued to support Sean, despite challenges to their relationship along the way. Vittore's death affected Sean heavily, and was one of the many hits and losses he faced since the loss of Jules, making it particularly devastating.


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