The Wermacht are the most common soldier in the game frequently on guard

The symbol of the Wehrmacht.

at patrol checkpoints and have three models:

The Infantry model is armed with Carbine Rifle and is more of an annoyance at medium range. They can be dispatched with a shot to the head by any weapon, or a short burst by an SMG or shotgun at close range. They can be identified by a cap and a thin body.

The Helmeted Model is armed with an MP40 and can easily be killed by most close range weapons. they are more of a danger when in large numbers due to the sheer amount of fire.
Nazi mg

A Wehrmacht soldier on a turret.

All models are seen on patrol. Officers are at the head of firing squad, he can be killed easily and his Kruger Pistol does very little damage. An interesting animation is after an execution he drinks from a hip flask, he also receive salutes when passing other soldiers on patrol.