The Zeppelin is a non flyable aircraft used by the Nazi occupiers in Paris.


During freeplay the player can shoot down Zeppelins using heavy weapons for a reward of fifty contraband. The Zeppelins will also pursue and attack Sean during high alert levels.

Zeppelins are found patrolling Paris and Le Havre, floating around the city. Zepellins fly in set paths until an alarm is raised, after which the Zeppelin will fly towards Sean's last known position. As Sean's alarm escalates, the Nazi's and the Zeppelin will try harder to take him down. As the Zeppelin gets near, it will rain down MG-42 fire at Sean. While it's not incredibly effective, it can require the player to leave the area if under fire from other places, or be problematic if being hit by sustained fire on the player's vehicle.

Above all, the Zeppelin is an intimidating show of Nazi presence and represents their authority. While Zeppelins at this point were long out of use, they are brought into the game as an effective immersion device.


During Vive Le Vengeance Sean will pursue Dierker onto a Zeppelin. The Zeppelin later crashes into the body of water nearby.

Sean will also board a Zeppelin during Needs of the Few... Or The One. He will then ride the Zeppelin to the planned site of Veronique's execution

Trivia Edit

  • Originally in the development, the ability to fly zeppelins and planes was a planned feature, and helps explain the vast amount of planes that were created for the game but are only seen in scripted events. The feature was cut due to technical limitations, citing streaming issues with the consoles.


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A Zeppelin can be seen in the background.